Vehicle Advertising – Car Window One Way Vision

Your car is a mobile adverting space and most people don’t realise the potential business they are losing by not adverting on their vehicle.

There are many ways you can advertise on your car, including car magnets or one way vision film for your rear windscreen. Magnets are inexpensive and can be removed and replaced and are great for anyone who doesn’t want to advertise their business on their car all the time.

One Way Vision film is a professional looking and durable advertising product and car be applied to virtually any rear car window easily.

What is One Way Vision film?

One Way Vision is a thin, perforated film, one side is printed with your design and the other is black. The black back on the One Way Vision film and the perforated holes, allow you to see clearly out of your rear window while driving. The printed side shows your advertising and is printed with fade resistant inks ensuring it lasts in all weather conditions.

How long does One Way Vision film last?

Our One Way Vision film lasts from 3-5 years. We use UV resistent inks to ensure your film can withstand the harsh Australian sun.

How do you install One Way Vision film?

Installing your One Way Vision is easier than you might think!

You will need:

Small Squeegee

Sharp Stanley Knife

Painters Tape


Step One:

Clean your window with rubbing alcohol and wipe with a lint-free cloth. Ensure the window is free from dirt, dust and moisture.

Step Two:

Place your One Way Vision Film against your window (Do not remove backing!). Position your film where you would like it to sit on your window. Secure your film to the car at the sides, top and bottom with a small strip of tape to hold it in place. Painters tape is easily removed and won’t damage your paintwork.

Take a step back from the car and check your artwork is in the right place and is straight.

Step Three: 

Starting at one side, slowly peel back the film from the backing paper until you reach the halfway point of the car window. Hold the film vertically and have a friend cut the backing paper away.

Step Four: 

Now it’s time to apply the One Way Vision film to the window. Using your squeegee and starting at the centre of the window, use gentle pressure to smooth the film and apply it to the window. Have a friend hold the film for you on a 30 degree angle so you can gradually smooth the film and apply it to the window.

Always start from the centre and work outwards to the edge of the windows.

Step Five: 

Once you have finished one side, it is time to complete the same process for the other side. Remove the backing paper, have a friend hold your film at a 30 degree angle and gently smooth the film into place.

Step Six: 

When you have finished and have smoothed and applied the film to the edges of the window ensuring there are no bubbles or creases, it is time to trim the edges.

Take your Stanly knife and gently trim the film at the edges. Ensure there is no film overlapping on the rubber seals as this may cause lifting and will shorten the life of your film.

When you have finished trimming your film, use your squeegee to smooth over the film one last time, focusing on the edges to ensure they are completely adheired to the widow.

That’s it, you’re done!


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