What is so special about Velvet Business Cards?

Business cards are a lasting impression, left with clients and potential clients long after the final handshake. Leaving the best impression is an important business strategy.

easy2print offers a premium velvet business card for the true executive or business person seeking a superior business card to add to their marketing collateral.

What makes the premium velvet business card so special?

Using a high quality 450gsm card stock with a thickness of 0.55mm we print your business card artwork using the highest quality CMYK ink. Our inks ensure a complete coverage and vibrant colours.

The velvet feel of the cards is obtained by our prestigious velvet lamination process, where we cover your business cards on both sides with our beautiful velvet wrap.

In addition to our velvet lamination easy2print also offers additional finishes for your business cards.

Raised Spot UV

Spot UV is the process of applying a shiny, clear varnish to highlight a particular element on your business card. The varnish is applied to the chosen area and cured under UV light.

Usually, Spot UV is a relatively flat finish as it is a thin coat of varnish being used. However, with our velvet business cards, we use a raised Spot UV called Scodix that creates a 3D effect on your business cards.

Use our raised Scodix Spot UV to highlight text, logos, elements of your logo or even create a pattern on your card giving a fantastic visual and tactile element to your business cards.

Raised Gold or Silver Foil

Similar to our raised Scodix Spot UV, the raised Gold or Silver foil can be used to enhance text, a logo or elements to a logo on your velvet business cards.

The raised Gold or Silver foil gives a stunning 3D metallic effect to elements on your business card. Unlike regular foiling used on business cards, the raised foil used on our velvet business cards makes a statement.

Designing Your Velvet Business Cards

Due to the nature of the printing and finishing processes we use to create your velvet business cards, we recommend using the services of a Graphic Designer. Working with a Graphic Designer will ensure you get the best results and correct file setup.

When talking to your Graphic Designer, be sure to show them the velvet business card so they will be able to setup the document and artwork for print.

If you would like our Scodix Raised Spot UV or our Raised Gold or Silver Foil, work closely with your designer to decide which elements of your business card you would like to highlight with our beautiful finishes.

Every order we complete of our velvet business cards we are blown away by the exceptional results and the beautiful business card created using our premium processes. These cards are truly the best business cards on the market and your clients will add a professional touch to your business stationery.

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